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Seamless Page Extraction from PDF

Extract PDF Pages Online

Use CocoDoc to extract PDF pages from one or more PDFs and make a new document. You can also choose to create individual PDFs of all the pages in the PDF file.

Works From Any Device

CocoDoc is a platform-independent tool that works from any web browser. You can use the PDF extractor tool from your phone, PC, or tablet.

View PDF Extract Preview

The PDF extract preview gives you a glimpse of what the final completed PDF document would look like. Use it to catch errors like missing pages.

Lightning-Quick PDF Extraction

CocoDoc will process the PDF extraction for you on its state-of-the-art servers. It's super quick and you won't need to download any software.

Secure and Private

Any PDFs you upload to CocoDoc will get deleted automatically after a set period. Your data remains private and is protected by the latest security protocols.

Affordable PDF Extractor

CocoDoc's online PDF extractor is a pocket-friendly and high-volume solution. You can use it for your business needs at an affordable monthly fee.

How to Save One Page of a PDF?

  • Open the PDF file in CocoDoc's PDF extractor.
  • Highlight the single page - or multiple pages - you wish to extract and click on extract.
  • Create, save, and later download a new PDF file containing the extracted page(s).

PDF Extractor FAQ

What is PDF Extract?
PDF extract (or extraction) refers to taking out a single page from a PDF file. Think of it as tearing out a page from a multi-page notebook. You can use the taken-out page to create a new PDF file. PDF extraction is done with the help of specialized software like CocoDoc. You can extract pages from a single PDF file or multiple PDF files simultaneously.
How to extract pages from PDF automatically?
You can automatically extract a page from a PDF by using a PDF extractor utility like CocoDoc. The process is simple. Visit CocoDoc's PDF extractor webpage from your web browser and upload the PDF file into it. You can then choose the option to extract all the pages in the PDF automatically, leaving you with multiple one-page PDFs. Further, you can highlight the pages you wish to extract and create a new PDF file consisting of those pages, although this involves some manual work on your part.
How do you change the size of a PDF file?
There are multiple ways to change the size of a PDF file. In some PDF readers, you can re-save the PDF file to take up less space. You can use an online compressor – like CocoDoc – to reduce the size of the file. Finally, you can make the PDF file smaller by splitting it with a PDF extractor. You can turn the file into multiple single-page files or a smaller file with some of the pages of the original left out.
How to save one page of a PDF without Adobe?
You can save one page of a PDF without Adobe by using a PDF extractor tool. CocoDoc is one of the most convenient options. Visit the CocoDoc website on your phone or PC, upload the PDF file into the extractor, and choose the single page you wish to save. The page will be turned into an individual PDF file.
Why can't I extract pages from a PDF?
There could be multiple causes as to why you can't extract pages from a PDF. First, make sure the PDF file in question is editable. Some types of PDFs are protected and require a password. Others need to be converted into "regular" PDFs before you can edit them. Second, make sure you've configured the extraction options correctly – such as the page range. If you try to extract pages that aren't there, the extraction will fail. Finally, ensure the file isn't corrupted.
How do I extract multiple pages from a PDF?
To quickly extract multiple pages from a PDF, we recommend a PDF extractor like CocoDoc. First, visit the CocoDoc extractor page from your web browser. Then, drag and drop the PDF file into the extractor window. In the next window, highlight the pages you wish to extract and choose the extraction options. Finally, click on extract. The pages you selected will be put into a new PDF file or converted into multiple single-page PDF documents.

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